Tired of the same old Rituals performed over and over and over again?

Are you Frustrated by the apparent lack of Spirituality within your own religious tradition?

Are you longing for a more Intimate relationship with God/Creator/Great Spirit?

Do you  wish you could experience that seemingly Elusive sense of "Oneness?"

Do you want to learn how to Bridge the Gap between yourself, the Creator, and all creation?

Touching the wall - entering the stream

  by chaplain karen j kobrin cohen


Wisdom she has gained through a difficult mental quest
Touching the Wall - Entering the Stream is a deeply spiritual book about Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), Buddhist principles, and means of meditation. Author Karen J. Kobrin Cohen recounts her life experiences and journey, and the basic wisdom she has gained through a difficult mental quest to reconcile the idea of Karma and the devastating reality of the Nazi Holocaust. A thoughtful, insightful treatise, Touching the Wall - Entering the Stream is enthusiastically recommended introductory reading for students of Judaism, Buddhism, personal spirituality, and the mystic tradition of Kabbalah

             Reviewer: Midwest Book Review

derive deeper spiritual meaning
This book fills a void for many people from Judeo/Christian backgrounds: How to derive deeper spiritual meaning within their own religious tradition. This is the story of one American Jew who has used Buddhist meditation to bridge the gap from routine rituals, beliefs and prayer to directly access the dimension of transcendent awareness which some equate with the experience of God."
               Reviewer: Bhante Yogavacara Rahula, Bhavana Society

"I was fascinated by your discovery of the links between Kabbalah and Buddhism; your story expressed so poignantly the essential oneness of religion which is at the heart of the Baha'i teachings. Thank you for writing such a wonderful book, for the sincerity of your search, and for sharing your work…"

               Reviewer: Susan T., Psychiatric Nurse

"Touching the Wall Entering the Stream is an excellent title for this book and the cover art is beautiful. The author certainly possesses the credentials and experience to tell her story. "

               Reviewer: Writer's Digest