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Touching the wall - entering the stream

  by chaplain karen j kobrin cohen


introduces Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), Buddhist principles and meditation practices. The journey takes the reader around the world: the USA, Hawaii, Japan, and Israel. Meditation retreats are described in detail taking the reader inside a Buddhist monastery where they will get an intimate look at this experience, what it's like physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

Real life struggles are addressed in relation to how to integrate religious beliefs. How you can actualize this practice in your everyday life. How to remain calm and centered when some one is verbally or physically threatening you. And, especially for Jews; how to reconcile the concept of Karma and the reality of the Holocaust?

It is the author's hope that the information given, and the personal experiences shared, will inspire the reader to learn and practice on his/her own, to realize that integration is possible, and that they are never alone on this journey.