Karen began her Buddhist training in Hawaii in 1971, at the Zen Buddhist Soto Mission, in the Mahayana tradition of Dogen-zenji. She received the precepts from Abbot Jiyu Kennett, Roshi at Shasta Abbey (Zen Mission Society). She further developed in the "calm abiding"(za-zen) tradition of Soto Zen meditation while residing in Japan for two years. She studied Eastern Philosophy (Buddhism, Taoism, and other -isms) at the University of Hawaii under such preeminent professors as Dr. Chang Chung-yuan, author of Original Teachings of Ch'an Buddhism. Since 1992, she began the practice of Insight Meditation (Vispassana) under the direction of the Venerable Phramaha Samreung, the Abbot of Wat Yarnna Rungee Si, and Bhante Yogavacara Rahula of the Bhavana Society.

After earning certification in Jewish Studies, under the auspices of Touro College, she taught at various Temples on Long Island, NY. As the Principal for Beth Meyer Synagogue Religious School in North Carolina she introduced students and adults to the basics of Kabbalah and meditation in the Jewish tradition. Karen was a guest lecturer for the Learning in Retirement Institute at George Mason University and has conducted numerous workshops in meditation.

Touching the wall - entering the stream

  by chaplain karen j kobrin cohen