Kabbalah World Center: Resources & information about Kabbalah. http://recombi.net/kabbalah/www.kabbalah.info/

Kabbalah Directory: www.mavensearch.com/subjects/287/1/9

Nishmat Hayyim Jewish Meditation Collaborative of New Englandwww.nishmathayyim.org

Nefesh Haya Jewish Meditation Website: www.nefeshhaya.com

The Kabbalah Centre. A spiritual & educational organization based mainly on Lurianic kabbalah. www.kabbalah.com


Dharma Crafts: The Catalog of Meditation supplies. http://www.dharmacrafts.com

The Monastery Store/Dharma Communications. Support for your spiritual practice at home. http://www.dharma.net

Carolina Morning Designs. Specializing in meditation cushions & benches, including inflatable travel zafus.


Spirit Rock Meditation Center (Vipassana tradition). www.spiritrock.org

Insight Meditation Society (Vipassana tradition). http://www.dharma.org

Dharma Drum Mountain (Ch'an Buddhism). http://www.chan1.org

Shambhala. Founder: Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche.  http://www.shambhala.org

List of Soto Zen Temples Outside of Japanglobal.sotozen-net.or.jp/eng/temples/index.html

Dharma Voices For Animals. Bringing Awareness to the suffering of animals. www.DharmaVoicesForAnimals.org

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Touching the wall - entering the stream

  by chaplain karen j kobrin cohen